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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 30, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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that looks good. mmm. it is. you want to taste? i really do. then come get one. okay, i really don't like this joke. sorry. sorry. mmm. mmm. mmm! are they that good? mm-hmm. ohh. mm. huh? mmm. all right, now i don't like this joke.
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♪ now to the chaos caused by computer glitch. more than 70 american airlines flights delayed because of ipads. >> the apps on those are heavily relied upon by pilots. so when they didn't work this was not a good thing. david kerley with this story. >> reporter: it's nearly 75 american airlines flights delayed because an app on a pilot's ipads didn't work. the app that provides pilots airport landing maps malfunctioned and passengers were stuck. one tweeting pilot just told us ipad is broke.
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#seriously in some pilots had to return to the airport to download the app. >> obviously the ipad is very light. >> reporter: american was an early adopter of tablets in the cockpit. pilots able to leave behind those 40 pound cases filled with paper maps. the ipad use has exploded in the past four years. map company estimates that 10,000 ipads are in jets and there have been few problems. >> i'm astounded it's been as smooth as it has been. this is one of the first times i've heard this sort of thing happening. >> reporter: turns out american airlines has a unique version of the app and an automatic update inserted of maps to the same airport which made the app crash. >> those two maps are of reagan in washington so any american pilot flying into this airport will have to use the backup system, a paper map till their ipad app is updated in about ten days. david kerley reagan washington airport.
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>> held headlines this morning a legal way to get rid of the double chin. the fda approved an injection designed to melt away moderate to severe double chin fat without surgery. but potential permanent side effects include trouble swallowing and nerve damage to the jaw that can result in paralysis of the facial muscles. >> some will tell you it's worth the risk. >> all right. >> kibella. >> you don't have a double clin. >> not yet but i could get there. coming partying with style. we've got the odds-on favorite way to celebrate the kentucky derby. >> and a trifecta of food drinks and fashion, that's next on "world news now."
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dztq 3o$ tt4wút+o@pt4" entq ckd tt4wút+o@pt4" gzt& zl< tt4wút+o@pt4" hnt& jbp tt4wút+o@pt4" iztq +( tt4wút+o@pt4" jntq 2[h tt4wút+o@pt4" lzt& á64 sports traditions in america. the kentucky derby. this weekend millions around the country will gather to watch and since we'll only need to dedicate two minutes to watching the race the rest of that time can be spent eating and drinking. here with the absolute best ways this saturday is america's chief entertaining officer tim laird. >> hello, good to see you. always fun talking about the kentucky derby. and when you talk kentucky
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derby, talk about the mint july lep. again this year vee have a $1,000 mint julep we're offering only at church little downs did only 100 available. this year by designer billy reed made our cup for us, with a gold plated straw and ingredients which includes woodford reserve double oak, coconut palm sugar, chocolate mint and candied fruit as a garnish. it's $1,000. but a lot of it goes to a good cause, the wounded warrior equestrian program. it's a charity. >> exactly. a wonderful charity. but if you don't have $1,000 or if you're partying at home here's how to make that quintessential mint julep. here's the secret. start out with a mint simple much syrup. this is basically equal parts of mint, sugar and water. what you do is take the sugar and water, put it on a pan to boil stirring to dissolve all the sugar, that i can that off the heat and put in your me
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stir it and you steep it like tea for about 20 minutes. then strain off the mint leaves refrigerate it and you have the mint simple syrup. >> the mint really soaks in there. >> it has this wonderful minty taste to it. to make the julep, you take woodford reserve, the official bourbon of churchill downs and the kentucky derby. two ounces of that. >> you just know. >> right. >> what two ounces is because you're a pro. >> absolutely. and to that one once of your mint simple syrup you made. that goes in. and garnish it. here's the secret to a good garnish. instead of one mint spring you want a bouquet of mint. when you sip it, you want to smell that mint. >> that's what they say you have to smell the mint as you're drinking it. >> exactly. here's what i like about making a simple syrup as a responsible host. i always have alcohol free versions available which i made for you. this is simply iced tea along with a mint simple syrup. there you go. happy derby. see how we did, cheers.
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>> that is sensational. >> this one has a little more punch to it but it is absolutely delicious. secret is if you want it sweeter add more. if you don't, leave a little of the syrup out. >> when you think about appetizers is there an authentic traditional -- >> there's a couple of traditional appetizers found at about every derby party. one is this ben dick teen and bacon and cucumber toast. there was a caterer in louisville that created this ben dick teen spread basically sour cream, a little bit of onion, a little hot sauce, and then cucumber cucumber. that's spread on a little whole wheat toast. bacon or like this this is wonderful just a little cucumber slice and it's just light and delicious and really a tradition. isn't that good? >> sensational. >> or cream cheese not sour cream. then another traditional one is these country ham biscuits. that's just a southern thing. and it's made with a little
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mustard that has a little bourbon in it. honey mustard mixed with bour bon on your country ham sandwich and it's done. >> you don't know your go to pour a little bourbon no matter what you're making. >> absolutely. that's the derby way. it really is. it's one of those fun things. and for dessert, the traditional bourbon ball candies, chocolate, pecan and bourbon in the center. >> that's fantastic. how many mint jewel lips do you think will be served? >> every year they go through about 120,000 mint juleps. churchill downs on derby day. that's a lot of bourbon and mint. >> i'm going to drink my nonalcoholic one. tim, cheers to you. happy derby. tim laird, america's chief entertaining officer. thanks so much. if you want the food recipes and drink recipes head to you're watching "world news now." cheers again.
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amazing stain removal the first time. the national teacher of the year was celebrated at the white house yesterday. and her lessons extend way beyond the classroom. >> she has a gift for finding potential in every child no matter the challenge they face. david muir has her inspiring
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story. >> reporter: shanna peoples teams high school english in texas. many of her students immigrants from somalia, cuba vietnam and so many born right here in america into poverty. >> i can do this. >> she saw something in me. she always told me that you know, you've got a gift and if no one else sees it i see it. >> reporter: she was once a reporter deejay, medical assistant. now a teacher. >> i was in my 40s when i began teaching. this is my 13th year. it's easy to do the math. >> reporter: her own children grown, 27 26 21 some would say freedom for her but she's back with the children. >> every student becomes my kid. >> reporter: among them this person born in vietnam. she saw something in him. >> i'm one of the many miss peoples has seen to a brighter future. >> reporter: the president saluting the teacher of the year.
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>> many of her students be face challenges that would overwhelm adults let alone kids. >> reporter: her kids watching with tears back in ril low and one of them that boy from vietnam listen to what he told her. >> i think i want to apply to harvard. i was a little bit leery about it because i didn't want him disappointed. he's now a junior neuroscience student at harvard and wants to find a cure for alzheimer's. that to me is -- that's why i do this job. >> david muir abc news hew york. >> oh. >> that is fantastic. >> so many deserving teachers. president obama actually said at the ceremony that america is so hungry for teachers like that. like her and they see the good in people and give us a sort of boost to get on in the world. >> we all have a special teacher or two and my parents educators. so. >> uh-huh. you no he we love our teachers on the show. >> we love you teaches. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," anger in america. protesters in cities across the country join the outrage in baltimore demanding answers in the death of freddie gray. >> we just want a moment of silence for freddie gray right now. the tension overnight as baltimore is under another strict curfew and the preliminary report from police keeping the city on edge. >> lost in space. the russian rocket blasting off hauling supplies to astronauts at the international space station. the ship is now out of control. what went wrong and later -- >> welcome to labor games. >> yep. you heard that right. labor games moms ambushed in the delivery room turned into a game show contestant. while they battle contractions
3:01 am
with some women will do for cash and prizes. it's thursday, april 30th. captions paid for by abc, inc. from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> they'll do it all. >> i guess maybe they know but if you were to tell your wife in the middle of the height of her contractions. >> i couldn't tell her anything at the height of her contractions. >> that was my experience too. >> i'm curious about that one myself. hello to you all. that's not where we need to start right now. >> absolutely not. we'll begin with the growing uproar with the death of freddie gray. thousands of demonstrators across the country uniting in a call for jits. >> the biggest protests in baltimore where it all started. also in new york where the crowd marched through manhattan blocked the holland tunnel at one point. the main route out of the city. clashed with police. more than 100 people hauled off in handcuffs. >> abc's marcy gonzales begins coverage in baltimore where the curfew is back in effect.
3:02 am
>> reporter: it went into effect at 10:00 last night. unlike the night before, people cleared out quickly and there were no major problems reported. before police started enforcing the curfew in baltimore, protesters again filled the streets. their chants and frustration echoing in cities across the country. all demanding answers and action following the april 19th death of freddie gray who suffered a spinal cord injury while in baltimore police custody. >> we just want a moment of silence for freddie gray right now. >> reporter: their message sent loudly and mostly peacefully unlike the riots that rocked baltimore monday with those intense images buildings and police cars on fire officers injured, a mother [ expletive ] going after her son after seeing him in the crowd holding a rock. >> i was angry with him. like we're trying to overcome things here you know how would
3:03 am
you go down there and do that and make matters worse. >> reporter: concerned things could still get worse in bat more prompting this historic response. not a single fan in the stands at camden yards. >> 1-1 delivery. it is deep. >> reporter: with the major league baseball game closed to the public for the first time ever. >> it's a shame. you know? it's horrible. but i understand. >> reporter: and because of on going security concerns the next three orioles games supposed to be played here will instead be played in tampa, florida. t.j. and reena. >> we just heard from the police commissioner saying no officers were injured overnight. any updates on the 20 injured on monday? >> reporter: you know these are officers who were hit with rocks and bots. but we're told they've all since been released from the hospital. the police commissioner was saying that they're courageous that some of them are broken hands and bad cuts and bruises and yet stayed out on the line working through all of that pain
3:04 am
and again, we're told no one was hurt in yesterday's protests here. no officers. >> marcy, frustration, as well over the i guess the timing of this preliminary report. who is going to be seeing it into freddie gray's death? >> right, initially everyone thought at least some of these preliminary findings were going to be released to the public on friday but now we're hearing all of those details are only being handed over to the state's attorney's office the ones who will be taking over this investigation. the police commissioner says this administration was made because they don't want to compromise the investigation. t.j. and reena. >> a lot of people eager to see what's in that report. marcy gonzales thank you so much. and for the first time we're getting details about what may have happened in that police van after freddie gray was arrested. a police document obtained by "the washington post" suggests gray's injuries may have been self-inflicked. another prisoner also in the van allegedly told investigators he
3:05 am
could hear gray banging against the wall and he believed he was intentionally trying to hurt himself. that man could not see gray because they were separated by a metal partition. gray wasn't gone just by the time he arrived at the police station and died a week later. >> protesters returned to the streets of ferguson missouri as well as for the second straight night showing solidarity with the baltimore protests are police were out in force as some crowds broke windows in some instances on tuesday night. athletes people were shot in ferguson as rioters set garbage cans on fire. much more an peaceful scene in minneapolis. a thousand people turned out for a black lives matter protest holding up signs, chanting as they marched into the downtown area. police were forced to shut down surrounding streets. our coverage of these protests in baltimore and nationwide doesn't end here. we'll have more from that angry mother and her son getting so much attention in the country after she stopped him from rioting. smacked him upside the head a
3:06 am
couple times. we'll have all of that for you later had half hour. >> now to nepal where anger is rising. >> this new video shows the moment the quake struck last saturday. life going on as usual. then a building collapses into the busy road. the death toll now climbed to over 5500 people. the number of those killed in the avalanche on mt. everest is increased by one to 19. we're seeing our first images a 4-month-old baby pulled from the debris nearly a full day after the quake. exams found the little boy suffered no internal injuries. army soldiers initially thought the child had not survived but hours later, his cries were heard and they returned to pull him to safety. amazing story. >> that's a heck of a picture. >> we turn now to space. it's not houston we have a problem but russia, we have a problem. a russian capsule set to deliver supplies to the international
3:07 am
space station is right now the spinning out of control. it's been declared a total loss along with the three tons of food and other supplies. abc's aaron katersky with more. >> reporter: engines as the maximum start and liftoff. liftoff of the iss progressing >> russia launched the unmanned progress vessel aboard a rocket on tuesday and the problems began almost immediately. communications with the ship failed. then it began spinning out of control. this is the view from the camera aboard the capsule looking past the writing on the screen you can see the earth in the distance. the unmanned ship was loaded with three tons of cargo, food and other goods to be delivered to the crew aboard the international space station. there are six astronauts living on the iss american. scott kelly says he is not too worried. >> we have a lot of redundant dunned answer on board the space station. the program plans for these kinds of things to happen.
3:08 am
they're very unfortunate when they do. but we do have supplies on board. >> his crewmate mikhail core yen cocalled the loss of the capsule a big concern but expressed confidence the missioning will continue as planned with no communications allowing the russians to guide it, experts say the progress spaceship will re-enter earth's atmosphere where it will burn up. this is the second ship lost in the past six months. in october, orbital science skoons corporation suffered an explosion that destroyed a cargo ship intended to replenish the space station. now it will be crucial by spacex a private space company to go off without a hitch in june. aaron katersky abc news new york. >> a plane within bill clinton and chelsea clinton onboard boo made an emergency landing in east africa. one of the plane's engines failed in tanzania. the aircraft was on the ground less than 45 minutes. they're visiting projects funded by the family's foundation.
3:09 am
other stops include kenya, liberiaen amour rocco. in hawaii a woman snorkeling with friends is the latest victim of a deadly shark attack. the 65-year-old maui resident got separated from friends when she was attacked. injuries suggest she was attacked by a shark. so far no witnesses but it was the first fatal shark encounter of the year in hawaii. >> a judge in chicago has been asked to delay the deportation of a mexican national. why? so that mexican national can donate one of his kidneys to his dying sister. 21-year-old jas anyone longoria was diagnosed with a kidney disorder and is now on dialysis three times a week. her brother is a perfect match but losing permanent resident status after pleading guilty to a burglary. the clock is ticking >> i have seen so many people pass away that started at the same time that i started dialysis and they're gone. so that scares me.
3:10 am
>> her brother scheduled for an immigration hearing tomorrow. she's hoping a senator and congressman from illinois will step in. >> the air you breathe may not be as clean as you think. a new report by the american lung association reveals nearly half of americans, 138 million people, live in areas rated as unhealthy with air polluted with everything from traffic exhaust to power plant emissions and 100 million of those people live in counties that received an f grade. the top ten most polluted areas are in california. and the ohio valley area. including pittsburgh. are you surprised by that? >> no. >> really? >> we should all be walking around like that, frankly. who knows what we're taking in. >> you're okay with that. >> i've put worse stuff in my body probably than the air i breathe. >> like the gummy snacks. >> a warning for you. these new i watches. we got a problem with these
3:11 am
things specially if you're tatted up. any of you got the full sleeves tats on your armes the? this apple watch may be being outwitnessed by the ink on your arm. according to the i more news app, solid and dark ink can interfere with the watch's heart rate sensors creating inconsistent readings or complete crashes. no comment yet from apple about this or a possible fix. experts say be sure to test out the watch on your own wrist before you buy it. always some little glitch. how can you test for it. >> mama says don't get tattoos. >> mama was not thinking about apple watches. >> mama said there would be days like these. >> move on please. >> now to orlando. my great state of florida, my home state. >> what is it. >> daredevil nik wallenda at it again. >> he's usually on a tight rope but yesterday he was taken to the top of a massive ferris wheel where he walked about 100
3:12 am
feet. that's not so bad along -- it's a six-inch wide rim. not a big deal for lim. he can handle that. no problem. he wasn't wearing any safety equipment. that's what he does. >> there was wind a bit of gusting but he completed the walk in a few minutes and asked if it was easy. he said nothing's easy when you're 400 feet up in the air. that was not easy. >> he always makes me nervous but he gets it done. >> coming up in the mix," women in the maternity ward confronted with questions not from their doctors but from a game show host. >> the rowdy party in a college town. the president of the school joining the students. his remarks and the outrage. >> the mother seen worldwide giving discipline to her son for joining the baltimore protests. what both of them have to say about their actions and their sudden fame. >> and remember to check us out behind the scene pictures available on instagarage abcwnn. you're watching "world news
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recapping our top story the people of baltimore are obeying a second night of curfew heading indoors after a day of mostly peaceful protests. rallying against the death of freddie gray descended in cities across the country including new york where more than 100 people were arrested. >> there's one image from baltimore sparking debates. the mom who hit her son during the riot disciplining him as
3:17 am
cameras rolled. >> the son is now speaking out to abc's steve osunsami. >> i understand how much my mother really care about me. so i've just got to try and do better. >> he's the highly embarrassed 16-year-old kid in the hoodie who thought he was tough. >> [ expletive ]. >> until his mama showed up at the riots in video seen around the world. >> you see her and you're like uh-oh. >> oh my. what is my mama doing down here. >> doing this [ expletive ]. >> did you have many of your friends next to you? >> that he was around. >> yeah they was like are you okay? you okay. >> i'm looking at them like is he okay? >> my friends know my mother. >> are you for real. >> really. >> see him down there doing what he was doing, that -- we're not doing that. >> michael singleton says his mother told him to go straight home from school the day of freddie gray's funeral but he didn't listen because of his
3:18 am
friends. >> i'm not angry with him anymore. as long as i have breath in my body you will not be on the street selling drugs. you're not going to live like that. not with me. >> his mother told us she's like so many other other struggling single mothers in this community. she doesn't need her son putting himself in any danger. steve osunsami abc news, bat more. >> i think it's good that the son acknowledges he was wrong and mama was right. >> that's usually the case. >> mother of six. six. when we come back apology coming from a college president for joining students at a wild off campus party. why he's now saying sorry to the neighbors. >> also ahead, david letter mann opening up about his career and the sex scandal that nearly took him off the air. also who he would have chosen as his successor. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
3:20 am
all right. just talking about our college days. a lot of folks, college is one of the best times of your life. but for neighbors, the feeling is not always mutual. >> which is why a college president is under fire for joining hundreds of students taking over a neighborhood at the very party he banned 15 years earlier. linsey janice has more. >> the biggest crowd at quinnipiac bobcats. >> you're watching the president of quinnipiac university in ham deny connecticut, stopping by a massive off campus student party. >> i outlawed may weekend 15 years ago. apparently the message hasn't gotten out. >> and apparently joking not just about the parties but the legal drinking but about tensions with the local community.
3:21 am
>> i don't even know this street existed. i'm going to have to buy all these houses. >> residents of the town outraged asking for the university and police to crackdown on parties like this one. it's a problem shared by so many americans living near college campuses. the quinnipiac president issuing this statement "i unfortunately made light of what is clearly a serious matter with respect to off campus student housing in ham don. i deeply regret having made those remarks." apologizing for a party his students and this town won't soon forget. lynn zi janice abc news new york. >> something about that image is funny. can you imagine your college president partying with you? you would have loved that. he got wrapped up in the moment. >> did you party in college. >> i'm still partying now. >> with the tie on? >> i never let it go. >> really. >> are you kidding me. >> i'm saying that with sarcasm in my voice. >> we've got a new game show to
3:22 am
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mr.clean's magic eraser. . now it's time for the mix". we've been talking about there all morning. >> got to see there. >> women in the height of their contractions being asked as a surprise to be part of a game show. it's called "the labor games," by tlc launching at the end of the month. host lisa arch surprises parents in the delivery room. they transform their room into a set. there's 12 episodes and they have a clans to win trips, cash even a $10,000 scholarship but you're answering questions at the height of your contractions. when i went into labor, my husband brought in a ham sandwich and i almost decked him. >> what was the problem with the sandwich? >> he was eating and i was in the height of pain. >> oh okay. he was eating it. it wasn't for you. >> oh no.
3:26 am
>> i'm sorry. i don't know. maybe this will be entertaining. it seems like nothing is sacred anymore. that's not funny right there. women know when you're at the height of contractions you don't want to be thinking about answering questions on a game show on camera? >> no. >> please. >> but maybe it will make for some interesting moments. i hope the women fight back. >> look at this guy. he's wanted in montana. see that? wanted in montana. now, the folks there put this up on crimestoppers these wanted pictures of folks. you can see them online. and he liked his own wanted poster. and yes he got caught a short time later. his name is levi rear don, he was wanted for theft and forgery. sure enough up in cascade keep the, he was the first person to like his own wanted poster on facebook. >> and so then they were able to track him down. >> they found him a short time later. we don't know if that had anything to do with it but it is a great coincidence. >> very interesting.
3:27 am
want you to meet maybe you know him, josh sheehan. take a look. he just beat evel knievel and other likes with a world record. the first triple backflip on a motorcycle motorcycle. took over a year of preparations. the trick went down april 28th. this is called nice tro circus an action sports collective. a bunch of people getting together with dirtbikes and they do these amazing stunts. jack sheehan just raised the bar with this jaw dropping triple backflip. >> what's his name. >> josh sheehan. jack sheehan is our writer. you see him right there. >> give us the shot. >> this is our jack sheehan. >> that's jack y'all. >> josh was the one who did the triple backflip. we love jack but he would never do a triple backflip. >> if you all noticed we got our folks behind us now. they're usually in front of us. you can see them now. oftentimes we refer to jack and you hear somebody screaming, that's jack.
3:28 am
>> over his right shoulder
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," growing outrage over freddie gray's unexplained death after his arrest from baltimore to new york nationwide, protesters take anger to the streets. >> he's not a monster. that's what james holmes' parents are saying as the jury hears gut wrenching testimony in the colorado movie theater massacre trial. >> new details in the search for a motorist seen passing a school bus and barely missing the students trying to get on board. why those close calls are becoming all too common. >> and later an exit interview of sorts from david letterman as he gets ready to say good-bye to late night television. the talk show host with rare candid comments in "the skinny" on this thursday, april 30th. captions paid for by abc, inc.
3:31 am
from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> morning to you. we begin this half hour with the unrest in baltimore triggering protests well beyond the city. >> demonstrators across the country marched over the death of freddie gray. in new york, police had a tough time keeping the peace. our coverage begins now. with aaron katersky. >> reporter: from new york to the white house to baltimore to the midwest, protesters took their outrage over freddie gray's unexplained death in police custody to the streets. in new york, hundreds crowded the streets around union square marching miles along busy streets, even converging around the holland tunnel, briefly shutting down traffic. some demonstrators venting their anger with police with officers making numerous arrests. >> hands behind your back. >> reporter: about a thousand demonstrators in minneapolis lent their voices to the growing anger, a scene repeated in houston. >> what do we want? justice. >> reporter: hundreds protested
3:32 am
in baltimore as tensions rose. >> we have heard nothing from the mayor except for we are thugs. we have heard nothing from the police except we are thugs. >> reporter: leading up to a second night of a mandatory 10:00 p.m. curfew after a day of nonstop rallies. >> we stand as a nation. we fight for our rights. we know what's right. >> reporter: classes resumed in baltimore but it was anything but a normal day for the baltimore orioles beating the chicago white sox in an empty ballpark, no fans allowed as a precaution. >> we're urging calm, peace. we want to make sure there's no violence. >> reporter: a call for peace when there's so much anger from baltimore moving across america. aaron katersky, abc news, new york. >> and let's go to the baltimore now with the police and national guard trying to keep the peace during another strict curfew. >> live in baltimore with abc's marcy gonzales. it seems quiet. how is the second night of curfew going so far? >> reporter: from everything
3:33 am
we're hearing, it's going really well. as you heard aaron mention, the curfew went into effect at 10:00 last night. we're told the protesters and everyone else pretty much cleared out quickly. there were no major incidents reported. police and the national guard are staying out through the early morning hours till that curfew is listed at 5:00 this morning. >> you know, part of the story, it's going well on the streets this time around, but so much of that story has been about that one mother that everybody's been seeing who got her son off the streets there in town. what's the buzz there around baltimore itself and i know we're hearing more from her. >> yeah, well, people are still applauding her. we're hearing more from her. she says she never expected all of this attention. she saw the cameras around when she was kind of going after her son but didn't think anyone was really paying attention to her. she said she heard something maybe was going on. she went over there to see if her son was involved even though she told him earlier that day not to get involved in all of this.
3:34 am
she said she spotted him really quickly and that's when she went after him. we're also hearing from him. he says that he was pretty surprised, pretty embarrassed to see his mom. he thought about running away but he says he understands why she was so upset and so do a lot of other people. t.j. and reena. >> it seems like it ended okay in the end. marcy gonzales, thanks so much. new details this morning about what may have happened in that police van after freddie gray was arrested. a police document obtained by "the washington post" suggest his injuries may have been self-inflicted. another prisoner also in the van allegedly told investigators that he could hear gray banging against the wall. he believed he was intentionally trying to injure himself. that man could not see gray because they were separated by a metal partition. gray was unconscious by the time he arrived at the police station and died a week later. as more details come in from baltimore, stay with abc news. look for instant updates on and another report
3:35 am
from baltimore on "america this morning." >> nepal now, the earthquake zone. protests are being staged at which the speed much needed aid is arriving and being distributed. this shows the moment it struck last saturday. life going on as usual and then a building collapses on a busy road. death toll has now climbed to over 500. the number of those killed on mt. everest has been increased by one to 19 climbers and guides. and you need to see these images, folks. first we're seeing a 4-month-old baby who was pulled from the debris nearly a full day after the quake. exams found the little boy suffered no internal injuries. soldiers at first thought the child had not survived but hours later, heard his cries, they returned there and were able to pull that child to safety. >> incredible story there. an unmanned russian space capsule loaded with food and supplies for the international
3:36 am
space station is lost in space. the problem started almost immediately after liftoff. communications with the rocket failed. it began spinning out of control. it's expected to burn up in the atmosphere next week but officials say the six space station crew members have sufficient supplies and are actually in no danger. alarming new details about the pilot who crashed his airliner into the french alps. we're now learning five years ago the faa raised questions about his mental health questioning whether it should grant a pilot's license to and dra yas lube witnesses in 2010 but it was assured by his doctors in germany that he had fully recovered from a bout of severe depression. he deliberately crashed a german wings plane last month killing 149 people and himself. >> well, some alarming statements being made about. that so-called gyrocopter that was flown into the lawn of the u.s. capitol. you remember this thing. the head of the faa told congress yesterday that douglas hughes flight was
3:37 am
"indistinguishable on radar from nonaircraft such as a flock of birds or a balloon." asked whether the copter could have been shot down the commander of norad said no because it wasn't detected. that contradicts testimony from the capitol police chief who claimed it could have been shot down. hughes remains under house arrest in florida. >> by all accounts, the first full day of testimony in the colorado theater massacre was heart breaking. witnesses described what looked like a scene from a horror film inside that theater after the gunman was done. complete chaos and carnage. abc's clayton sandell has details. >> reporter: the testimony about that night is wrenching. >> i got down. everybody screaming. >> there was blood on the seats. >> reporter: and listening in court the killer's parents, robert and arlene holmes as prosecutors paint their son as a calculating monster who deserves to die. >> he would make himself feel better by killing people. >> reporter: the couple writing in the denver post have insisted their son, once a promising
3:38 am
neuroscience student is not a monster. his mother publishing a recent book arguing mental illness changed his brain. anita bush lost her cousin. she believes holmes is acting. she's seen him smile and even laugh after the jury leaves the room. >> out of sight of the judge and the jury, there's a different demeanor. >> she says the prosecutor's accusation that holmes took pain killers before the attack in case he got injured shows the detail of his planning. >> i don't believe he's insane. i think what everybody is facing in there is pure evil. >> reporter: the gunman shows very little emotion in court but wednesday, his mother did. she shuddered and looked away when a police officer described the bloody crime scene left behind by her own son. clayton sandell, abc news, centennial, colorado. >> pope francis adding his voice to the choir of those causing for women to earn equal pay for equal work. during his weekly audience, the pope call the practice scandalous and warned men should
3:39 am
not be sexist and denounced those who blamed family problems on women working outside the home. all those comments were unscripted and got him a huge ovation from the crowd. >> turning to politics now, in vermont, independent senator bernie sanders making it official he is running for president. telling our jonathan carl that he'll challenge hillary clinton by fronting as a democrat. the 73-year-old says he'll stand up for working families while fighting income disparity and the current campaign finance system. you can see jon karl's interview with bernie sanders later this morning on "good morning america." one in the democratic ring. one more. >> she's got a challenger. >> all right. there's one happy family though in new orleans area this morning simply because they have their long lost dog back. >> this is sam the yorkie. disappeared four years ago. nobody knew where the dog went till he turned up recently in cedar rapids, iowa, 950 miles from home. >> luckily, sam has a microchip. his owners were found when he
3:40 am
flew home first class yesterday. it the family calls it a blessing and, of course, they'd like to know where he was the whole time. as usual, he's not talking much. >> just needed a break. sometimes you need a break, man. >> sometimes you need a get away from the family. >> four years sounds good. we've got "the skinny." >> you said you want a little vacation. >> where though? >> vegas. >> that sounds good. coming up in "the skinny," not only is patrick dempsey giving up his role on "grey's anatomy" he's giving up something more. this is personal though. >> popular songs from superstar artists. why this music always seems to get stuck in your head. there's a science behind the toe tapping hit singles. you're watching "world news now." ♪ because i'm happy come along with you feel like a room without a roof ♪ "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life
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3:44 am
protesters across the country now are demanding answers in the death of freddie gray. they rallied in baltimore and other major cities coast to coast. as demonstrators squared off with police in new york they called in an early night in baltimore adhering to a mandatory curfew. >> police in southern california are asking for help in identifying the driver in a hit and run crash. they're releasing this video showing the driver of a dodge challenger backing up in a parking lot, knocking down an elderly woman. the driver and his passenger did step out of the car briefly and took off. police say the woman was treated for head injuries and sent home. turning to what seems to be
3:45 am
a growing danger for children across the country when the school bus pulls up. drivers in such a hurry ignoring stop signs and putting kids' lives at risk. >> in dallas alone, 92,000 tickets have been issued in the last three years and abc's ryan owens is there. >> reporter: just as the school bus doors open, tragedy nearly strikes. a white suv is inches from mowing down three children including this 5-year-old. >> it kind of ran over my shoe a little. >> reporter: the bus's cameras catch the speeding suv from three angles as the driver passes the bus on the shoulder. investigators in washington state are offering a reward to find that driver. >> so when we knew our kids were okay, the anger set in. i took off running. >> reporter: it's illegal to pass a school bus once that red sign is out. here in dallas, authorities released a series of videos of kids nearly killed. watch as this suv actually hits a young boy. remarkably he bounces off and is not hurt but school leaders fear it's
3:46 am
only a matter of time. dallas county schools estimates drivers here blow past the stop signs an average of 120 times every day. >> i am furious that these drivers are risking our children's lives to save a few minutes. >> reporter: in dallas, authorities are now using those cameras on the side of buses just like red light cameras, they're collecting the tape. any driver seen breaking the law gets a $300 ticket in the mail. ryan owens abc news, dallas. $300 pretty steep. unfortunately a lot of the people will appeal and get lesser -- >> what are they doing, looking down are they not paying attention or just in a hurry do you think? >> just in a hurry. the kid jumps in and it's horrible. >> can't see the little ones. little bodies, little people. you can't, folks. just take a minute. geez. >> coming up, bruce jenner's ex-wives coming together in a show of support. >> the best evidence yet of who taylor swift is dating.
3:47 am
this has been on my mind for a long time. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> all right. topping our headlines in "the
3:49 am
skinny" this morning, an exit interview if you will for the reigning king of late night. >> in about three weeks on may 20th, david letterman will host his final show on cbs ending a run of more than 33 years on late night television. longer than his mentor johnny carson. >> he's sharing his thoughts in an interview with the "new york times" about his upcoming retirement including admitting his bosses at cbs should have cut him loose after that sex scandal in 2009. >> he also admitted in order of preference, he wanted jon stewart to replace him, then steven colbert, and he thinks cbs should have chosen a woman or a minority. woman or minority. okay. >> hmm. >> hmm. >> look at our desk. look at our desk. women are a minority. >> and you fit a lot of checked boxes. >> thank you for that very pc way of doing it. >> no. >> my cell phone is not ringing. >> it shouldn't be ringing because you're a woman or a minority it should be ringing because you can get the job
3:50 am
done. >> you know who else has got the job done, bruce jenner. so many talking about that ground break interview with diane sawyer. >> jenner revealed that the women he was married to knew of his secret struggles with gender identity and yesterday a show of support from his first two wives. a picture posted by his second wife linda thompson. there she is on the right and on jenner's wife his first wife chrystie thompson posted it, the link to a portion of her memoir. the article titled "how living with and loving bruce jenner changed my life forever." the picture echoes the show of support from the interview when diane read the women's statements of love and loyalty. his third wife kris chose not to comment for the program although she says she was never asked. >> let's turn to mcdreamy now. he has another good-bye. he's saying good-bye to his home this time, his dream home. >> less than a week after "grey's anatomy" killed off his character and three months after his wife of 15 years filed for divorce, patrick dempsey putting his malibu estate up for sale.
3:51 am
the designed home dubbed the tin house because of its metal construction was featured last year in architectural digest and it sits on more than three acres and features 5500 square feet including a rock climbing wall. you love rock climbing >> yeah. >> animal coops and a four-stall barn for the family's assorted farm animals. >> he and his wife bought it for 7 million bucks six years ago and now listed for more than double that 14.5 million. >> nice little profit. last but not least, taylor swift, lots of rumors flying she has a new boyfriend and a famous one at that. calvin harris, one of the biggest deejays in the world, good looking too. >> with all the clues they've been dropping over whether they're dating or not, we now have the most conclusive evidence yet. it is a picture of taylor's two cats named after tv characters dr. meredith grey of "grey's anatomy" and olivia benson of "law and order" fame. >> harris posted the instagram. here's the kicker.
3:52 am
apparently severely allergic to them. if that's not love, i don't know what is. >> what just happened. >> if that's not love i don't know what is. he's allergic. allergic. >>ing what did the -- in so many different ways that's why you're wrapped in the comfort of pampers swaddlers with blanket-like softness and up to 12 hours of protection so all you feel is love. wishing you love sleep and play. pampers [ male announcer ] you wouldn't leave your car unprotected. what did the -- what did the -- what did the -- but for every car stolen
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we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft? ♪ you can tell everybody, yeah, you can tell everybody ♪ ♪ go ahead and tell everybody i'm the man, i'm the man ♪ >> yes, he's the man. love that song. you love that song. why do we love that song? it might have nothing to do with his voice, the beat or even what's in those lyrics but it might have everything to do with how many times you hear those lyrics. >> i'm the man, i'm the man, i'm the woman. okay, the secret to writing a chart topping song is rooted in science. it's all about repeating yourself. nick watt has more. ♪ shake, shake, shake, shake it up shake it up ♪ >> taylor swift sings the word shake 79 times in that megahit.
3:56 am
she was only knocked off number one on the charts by meghan trainor. ♪ i'm all about that bass ♪ >> she sings that phrase 20 times in a three-minute pop song. >> these songs climb to number one faster. is a usc professor. just had this paper published in the journal of consumer psychology. it's what he thinks helps make a hit song. >> we looked at billboard hot 100 songs. we went from 1958. >> let's go to the hop, let's go to the hop. >> all the way to 2012 ♪ we found love in a hopeless place, we fell in love in a hopeless place ♪ >> and the effect holds. >> from the beatles. >> she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ >> to pharrell. ♪ happy ♪ >> he sang happy 56 times and
3:57 am
was number one for ten weeks, but it's not foolproof. if my mom sang shake it off it wouldn't make it to number one. >> no, we're not saying that's the one secret ingredient that's going to make a number one hit. >> reporter: but we now know it unquestionably helps. ♪ shake it off, shake it off ♪ >> nick watt, abc news, los angeles. ♪ shake it off, shake it off ♪ >> that's going to be in our heads the rest of the day. >> for sure. it starts when you're young. mary had a little lamb, three blind mice. >> there's a lot of repetition in those? >> mary had a little lamb, >> what's the rest of it? >> mary had a little lamb. >> what's the repetition? >> mary had a little lamb. >> that's the next line? >> fleece was white as snow. >> and everywhere that mary went. >> where were you in preschool? >> repetition though. >> three blind mice, see how they run. three blind mice. >> we're talking about different songs, all right? >> where were you in preschool and kindergarten?
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- national outcry. protests spreading outside baltimore. from new york city to ferguson missouri. people taking to the streets, demanding justice for freddie gray. plus the shocking report overnight about what may have happened inside that police van before gray's death. breaking overnight. another survivor coming from the rubble in nepal. americans coming to his rescue. also, the baby buried under a building. chin treatment. the shot just approved by the fda that claims to melt away the dreaded double chin. and money